Preventative digital mental health care for businesses that want to make their team happy.

Understand, solve, improve

Be Well Good.

Well Good is designed to identify and prevent mental health issues affecting your team before they become a problem.
  • Our friendly simple-to-use chatbot collects data and integrates with your existing messaging services - no downloads and no boring staff surveys!
  • We provide detailed monthly reports giving you the data, insights and solutions you need to make the best decisions to improve team happiness.
  • Build resilience, lower cost and increase productivity - be a Well Good employer.

Data, insights, actions.

Well Good not only tracks employee engagement, but also delivers the ways in which to address the issues you have now and in the future.

Human-centric, science driven.

Our approach is based on clinically proven science and designed to put your employees first, covering a wide range of data points beyond traditional staff surveys ensuring we truly understand what affects your team's happiness.

Increase happiness, lower costs.

Well Good’s combination of methodology and technology enables businesses to minimise the effect of poor mental health on the bottom line.

Safe and Secure.

Well Good is totally anonymous and secure, with highest standard of data security, and we even delete all your employees data request on their request.

What people have to say about us...

Now, more than ever, employers need to understand and support the wellbeing of its workforce. What better way of doing that than with two Founders who use their lived experience for the greater good? I look forward to many more years working with Well Good.Cameron Kinsella - Aster Group

Mental health made simple for any size business.

Engaging employee experience.

Using a clinically backed framework our innovative conversational chatbot interacts with your team gathering their views on mental health, operations and culture to create a holistic view of your business.

  • Conversational chatbot.
  • Anonymised data collection.
  • Ongoing continuous surveying.
  • Dedicated account management.

Meaningful analysis and solutions.

We drive cultural and operational change across your business by analysing a combination of the chatbot and historical employee data, your existing mental health strategies and company policies. This produces addressable insights and recommended solutions for current and predicted issues.

  • Data analysis.
  • Policy, staff engagement, cultural alignment and operations review.
  • Inclusion and diversity review.
  • Regular reporting of analysis, insights and recommended actions.

Results that matter.

A mentally healthy workforce, with increased resilience, performance and engagement. The visibility of issues and our effective solutions empower HR teams to increase happiness in the workplace.

  • Lowered costs to business.
  • Reduced employee churn and increased retention.
  • Increased business productivity and employee engagement.
  • Improved employee mental health.

A different way of looking at employee engagement.

Well Good lifts the lid on the impact of mental health, preventing crisis in business.

We don't just report on the information we gather. We study it, identifying ways to improve your team's work performance and their experience in your business. We educate and empower both you and your team on how to improve mental health and how to take this beyond the workplace.

About Well Good.

A desire to help others in the same situation.

After experiencing poor mental health at work our founders Adam and Dan, noticed that there were no services for employers aimed at preventing the same issues they had. Well Good was created to help businesses deal with these problems early, stopping mental ill health before it impacts on employees lives, the people around them and wider society.